The Maine State Legislature is gearing up for the 2014 short session - and so are we! We are closely watching any bills that threaten or promote civil liberties. While we haven't taken an official position on any bills yet, here's a list of some bills that we're following:

LR 2506 An Act Regarding the Involuntary Medication of an Inmate at a Correctional Facility

LR 2626 An Act to Address Preventable Deaths from Drug Overdose

LR 2694 An Act to Prohibit Providers of Cloud Computing Service to Primary and Secondary Educational Institutions from Processing Student Data for Commercial Purposes

LR 2491 An Act Relating to Nursing Home and Hospice Patients and Medical Marijuana Use

LR 2514 An Act to Assist Victims of Human Trafficking

In addition to these new bills, we are working hard on three bills that were carried over from last session. We are working to pass LD 1194, a bill to protect password privacy, and LD 156, an amendment to Maine's constitution to allow for true early voting. In addition, we are teaming up with a wide array of coalition partners to defeat LD 1428, a bill creating unprecedented relgious exemptions to our civil rights laws.

More to come!