We went into the 126th Legislature with a plan: to bring Maine's privacy laws up to speed with advancing technology. To that end, we proposed a 5-bill privacy package with bipartisan sponsorship. And while it was an uphill battle the whole way, we were successful in winning privacy protections and standing up for the 4th Amendment! 

Along with securing wins on three important privacy laws, this session we also worked to:

  • Protect reproductive freedom
  • Defeat bills restricting access to welfare benefits
  • Keep guns out of schools
  • Uphold voting rights
  • Oppose overincarceration
  • Protect open government

While we took huge steps toward protecting civil liberties, our work is never done! This summer we're planning for next session and determining the best ways to make a difference. With your support, we'll continue to carry the torch for civil liberties in Maine - because freedom can't protect itself. Our 2013 Legislative Review is fresh off the printer, and you can read the whole thing here.