Women's Day at the State House


Connect with organizations that work on the issues that matter to women in Maine

Learn about legislative priorities for Maine women in the 2016 Legislative Session and how you can advocate on the issues that matter most to you

Make your voice heard in the halls of the State House while raising the visibility of Maine women!

Presented by the Alliance for Maine Women, a broad network of organizations working to ensure that all Mainers have the economic, social, and political power to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, health, and families—with an emphasis on securing these rights for Maine women. The Alliance for Maine Women brings together members with diverse expertise and experiences who understand that all people in Maine benefit when Maine women have the right to economic security and reproductive justice (including access to abortion), and can live their lives with agency, autonomy, and freedom from violence. Members of the Alliance for Maine Women work to achieve this through legislative and legal advocacy, community organizing, and public education.