LD 1190: "An Act Regarding Driver's License Suspensions for Nondriving-related Violations"

This legislation will end the practice of automatic driver’s license suspensions for missed fine payments, for most non-driving related violations. Maine’s fine system comes at great fiscal and personal cost to poor individuals, trapping them in an unending cycle of arrests, incarceration and growing fees, while doing little to benefit the state. By taking away an individual's license because they can't afford to pay a fine, we only make it harder for them to do so - by making it harder for them to get to work and court dates. Driver's licenses are supposed to be about safety, not punishing someone for being poor. 

UPDATE: On June 23 the House voted in favor of LD 1190. It now goes to the Senate for a vote.

ACTION: Contact your senator and tell them to VOTE YES ON LD 1190.

Talking points:

  • Driver’s license suspensions for failure to pay a fine only make harder for people to pay back their fines.
  • Driver’s license suspensions lead to a host of consequences that hurt many people and help no one.
  • Driver’s license suspensions disproportionately affect rural Mainers, people with low incomes, and single parents.

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