UPDATE: This case has settled. The administrators of the official "Paul LePage, Maine's Governor" page agreed to unblock our clients and to stop blocking people based on their viewpoint for the remainder of Gov. LePage's time in office.

Individuals who believe they were blocked by the "Paul LePage, Maine's Governor" page based on their viewpoint should email their Facebook username to facebookcase@aclumaine.org.

The ACLU of Maine filed a lawsuit against Gov. Paul LePage over his continued unlawful practice of censoring people on the official “Paul LePage, Maine’s Governor” Facebook page. The ACLU filed suit on behalf of two Maine women who have had their comments deleted and been blocked from further commenting on the page. 



Zachary Heiden, Meagan Sway, Emma Bond

Date filed

August 8, 2017


U.S. District Court for the District of Maine





Case number


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