Nancy Fannon


Vice President and National Board Representative


Board of Directors



Nancy serves on the ACLU of Maine’s Board of Directors as the vice president and the organization’s representative to the National ACLU’s board. She joined the board in 2015 and has represented Maine at the national level since 2017.

Nancy was inspired to serve in this capacity by the ACLU of Maine’s three-prong approach to protecting and expanding civil rights and liberties through litigation, legislative advocacy, and communications. She particularly likes the strength of the ACLU’s national federation, composed of a national ACLU and 54 affiliates throughout the nation.

As the ACLU of Maine’s representative to the ACLU’s national board of directors, her focus is keeping the Maine board informed of work happening at the national level and advocating for Maine needs that can be supported by that larger body.

Nancy spent her career as a CPA working in litigated financial matters. She was also an author and frequent public speaker. In addition to volunteering with the ACLU, Nancy works to address water quality in Costa Rica, where many people lack access to wastewater infrastructure.

She and her husband are avid surfers. She also loves cooking, spending time with family and friends, and taking long walks.