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Meagan joined the ACLU of Maine in 2016. As policy director, Meagan leads the ACLU of Maine’s legislative efforts in Augusta, working closely with elected officials, coalition partners, and community leaders. She is excited to work at the ACLU of Maine effecting change on a systemic level, after having directly represented individuals in court cases for nearly a decade.

During her time at the ACLU of Maine, Meagan is most proud to have led the organization’s efforts in drug policy reform, cash bail reform, and other reforms protecting the rights of people accused of a crime in Maine. She worked closely with lawmakers when the Maine House of Representatives became the first legislative body in the country to pass a bill decriminalizing possession of drugs for personal use in 2021.

Prior to serving as policy director, Meagan worked at the ACLU of Maine as a justice fellow from 2016-2018 and as policy counsel from 2018-2020. Before joining the ACLU of Maine, Meagan was a staff attorney at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, a non-profit legal services provider in Maine. There, she represented homeowners in foreclosure and mortgage servicing abuse cases, people facing tax foreclosure on their homes, renters in danger of imminent homelessness, and indebted consumers pursued by third-party debt collectors.

Earlier, Meagan was an associate at a large law firm in New York. There, she represented clients in civil matters in state and federal courts, as well as men challenging their death sentences in Alabama and pregnant women seeking to enforce their constitutional rights while in the custody of the New York Department of Corrections.

Meagan began her legal career as a fellow with the Equal Justice Initiative in Alabama, where she represented clients wrongly sentenced to death, juveniles sentenced to die in prison, terminally ill people seeking compassionate early release from their prison sentences, and people convicted of sex offenses challenging the collateral consequences of their convictions.

Meagan earned her Bachelor of Arts from Wellesley College in 2003 and her Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law in 2008.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, sewing, knitting, and baking pies for loved ones.