Grace Hooke


Engagement Coordinator



Grace Hooke joined the ACLU of Maine in June 2021 to support our legislative, legal and advocacy work by engaging and mobilizing volunteers across Maine.

Grace is a lifelong Mainer, aside from a short stay in western Massachusetts when attending Smith College. An anthropology major, she has always been interested in how culture is preserved and maintained through storytelling. This inspired her to pursue a career working in community engagement and education where she got to use her storytelling skills to entertain audiences even when talking about tough and sensitive topics.

On her journey to the ACLU of Maine, Grace taught pre-school and worked as an advocate for victims of intimate partner violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. She has a flair for the creative and spends her free time sewing, painting, and practicing traditional Mi’kmaq beadwork, artistic traditions she inherited from both of her beloved grandmothers. During the pandemic she welcomed a mischievous and adorable pup named Paolo into her life, and if you ever want to get her talking, ask about him!