2021 Legislative Session

UPDATE: The 130th Legislative session has ended. Our victories include the passage of LD 1703, LD 994, LD 1675, LD 1585, LD 320 and LD 2 into law. Learn more about them below. 

The 130th Legislative Session is underway. We are back at work advancing legislation to protect and expand the rights of all Mainers. 
We are approaching the session with a racial equity lens, and have prioritized supporting legislation to end the failed war on drugs and reform the bail code, to achieve this larger goal of racial justice. 

Learn more about our priority bills and how to get engaged in the legislative process. 

Priority Bills to End the War on Drugs

We need to change our drug laws to save lives. Maine recorded its highest number of overdose deaths last year. More than 500 people died. Decades of experience have shown we cannot arrest and punish our way out of drug use and overdose deaths.

January 8, 2021

Legislative Advocacy Tools

Throughout the legislative session testifying on bills and writing letters to the editor are tried and true ways to make your voice heard. We've put together these guides to help you get started.

January 8, 2021