The Right to Record the Police

The police carry guns, and we carry cellphones. Today, we settled a case against a Portland police officer, who arrested our clients after they attempted to peacefully record and observe police activity on a Portland public street. You can read about the settlement here and here and here.

The most important aspect of this settlement is that the Portland Police Department has committed to using this incident as a training tool to prevent future incidents. Nobody should go through what our clients went through. This case was about making sure the police, and the public, understand and respect the first amendment right to observe and record.

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Tue 03/24/15 | 7:01pm
Grainne's picture

I was excited to see HBO’s John Oliver dedicate the majority of the latest episode of Last Week Tonight to the issue of fines. Court fines, and the practice of incarcerating people for failing to pay them, is an issuing garnering national attention ...more

Tue 03/24/15 | 9:50am
Rachel's picture

The ACLU of Maine released the following response to the governor’s budget proposal that would increase funding for a law enforcement response to Maine’s drug crisis, without increasing funding for treatment and prevention.

The following can be attributed to Alison Beyea, executive director of the ACLU ...more

Mon 03/23/15 | 4:20pm
Jon's picture

When should we disrupt authority and when should we not? That was the question posed by the Maine Humanities Council last week for an event they hosted here in Portland. As a panelist I shared the ACLU’s perspective, which is centered primarily on governmental authority ...more

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