Remember Gitmo?

In case you forgot, TWELVE YEARS after the first detainees were brought to the detention center at Guantanano Bay, we still have not managed to complete the special military trials of the men who stand accused of the 9/11 attacks. Twelve years after those attacks, family members of the victims still travel to Gitmo to watch the trials, and they are still met with errors and delays

As Hayes Brown at ThinkProgess points out, civilian courts have been far more successful at completing terrorism trials; they have also proven far more effective at gaining usable information from suspected terrorists.

If the goal of Guantanamo was to create an "island outside the law" where hundreds of men could be held for years on end with no real process or outcome, then we have succeeded. But if the goal was to achieve some sort of justice - for the victims of 9/11, for their families, and for all of us as Americans - then we have utterly and completely failed. 

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