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  1. New Hampshire senate votes in support of clinic buffer zones

    February 20, 2014News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  2. Location Tracking and You

    February 20, 2014News updatePrivacy
  3. Governor's Call for Renewed War on Drugs is Alarming

    February 5, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  4. Urgent: Call On Our Lawmakers to Pass LD 1686!

    February 18, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  5. This Week in Civil Liberties: LGBT Rights, Prison Conditions, & Privacy

    February 24, 2014News updateLGBTQ Rights, Privacy, Criminal Legal Reform
  6. Today: Senate to Hold 2nd Hearing on Solitary Confinement

    February 25, 2014News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Legal Reform
  7. This Week In Civil Liberties: LGBT Rights & Reproductive Freedom, Mass Incarceration, and Celebrating the Civil Rights Act

    February 28, 2014News update
  8. South Dakota's Sex-Selective Abortion Ban is Both Misogynist and Racist

    March 5, 2014News updateReproductive Freedom
  9. Victory! Religious Exemption Bill Voted Down

    February 21, 2014News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Immigrants' Rights, Freedom of Expression, LGBTQ Rights, Religious Liberty, Racial Justice
  10. It's Time to Realign Our Justice Priorities

    March 4, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform