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  1. Week in Review: Abortion Restrictions, CIA Torture, Mass Incarceration

    May 18, 2018News update
  2. Wells Moves Toward Ending School-Sanctioned Discrimination

    May 31, 2018News updateRacial Justice
  3. Reflecting on my time at the ACLU of Maine

    June 7, 2018News update
  4. Week in Review: Colorado Baker, Census Question, Family Separations, Sentence Commutations

    June 8, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Legal System Reform, LGBTQ Rights
  5. Week in Review: Family Separations, Cash Bail, FBI Profiling, and Ant-Immigrant Nominee

    June 1, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Legal System Reform, Racial Justice
  6. Week in Review: Family detentions, Amazon, Asylum, and Fair Housing

    June 18, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights, Women's Rights, Racial Justice
  7. Week in Review: Asylum victory, family detentions, and Justice Kennedy

    July 6, 2018News update
  8. Federal Immigration Authorities Are Running Amok Across Maine and Its Coastline

    July 19, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights, Privacy
  9. Trump’s Family Separation Deadline Looms

    July 23, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights
  10. Week in Review: CBP in Maine, infants in immigration court, CVS, and Milwaukee Police

    July 20, 2018News update