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  1. The Federal Death Penalty is a Travesty of Justice

    July 30, 2019News updateCriminal Legal System Reform, Racial Justice
  2. ACLU Sues York County Sheriff’s Department and Jail over Unreasonable Arrest and Treatment of Waterboro Man

    July 31, 2019Press releaseCriminal Legal System Reform
  3. Gaul v. York County, et al.

    July 31, 2019CaseCriminal Legal System Reform
  4. Body Cams on School Police: Portland Said No

    November 21, 2019News updateYouth Rights, Criminal Legal System Reform
  5. TESTIMONY: Alison Beyea at MCILS Hearing on Indigent Defense

    November 18, 2019News updateCriminal Legal System Reform
  6. LD 1421: An Act To Amend the Maine Bail Code

    March 28, 2019LegislationCriminal Legal System Reform
  7. LD 1492: An Act To Reform Drug Sentencing Laws

    April 3, 2019LegislationCriminal Legal System Reform
  8. LD 1684: An Act To Clarify the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Improve Due Process for Juveniles

    May 8, 2019LegislationCriminal Legal System Reform, Youth Rights