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  1. This Week in Civil Liberties: Militarization, Marriage, Civil Rights and Arkansas

    March 8, 2013News updateVoting Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Criminal Legal Reform
  2. The Right to Vote...for All

    March 5, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  3. This week in civil liberties: Women’s Rights, Voting, DOMA, and Drones

    March 1, 2013News updateWomen's Rights, Voting Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Privacy
  4. Voting Rights Act Under Challenge at the Supreme Court

    February 25, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  5. Voting and a Grassroots Victory

    February 6, 2013News updateVoting Rights
  6. Last Month of the Legislature: Attacks on Choice & Voting

    June 4, 2013News updateWomen's Rights, Voting Rights
  7. 2013 Legislative Review

    August 14, 2013News updateYouth Rights, Women's Rights, Voting Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Immigrants' Rights, Freedom of Expression, LGBTQ Rights, Privacy, Racial Justice, Criminal Legal Reform
  8. Serving the Sentence After Incarceration

    September 11, 2013News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Legal Reform
  9. This Week in Civil Liberties: Our Voting Rights Hero, Mass Incarceration, and Human RIghts

    October 11, 2013News updateVoting Rights, Criminal Legal Reform
  10. Judge Admits Voter ID Law a Mistake

    October 17, 2013News updateVoting Rights