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  1. 2013 Legislative Review

    August 14, 2013News updateYouth Rights, Women's Rights, Voting Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Immigrants' Rights, Freedom of Expression, LGBTQ Rights, Privacy, Racial Justice, Criminal Legal Reform
  2. No Child Should Face A Judge Alone

    August 4, 2014News updateImmigrants' Rights, Youth Rights
  3. Supporting Syrian Refugees Means Saying NO To The "SAFE" Act

    December 1, 2015News updateImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Religious Liberty, Women's Rights, Youth Rights
  4. ACLU of Maine to Honor Deirdre M. Smith with Annual Scolnik Award

    March 1, 2016Press releaseCriminal Legal Reform, Immigrants' Rights, Youth Rights
  5. ACLU of Maine Urges Education Department to Increase Educator Diversity

    March 30, 2017Press releaseYouth Rights, Racial Justice, Immigrants' Rights
  6. Lewiston School Department Fails To Adequately Serve Students of Color and Students with Disabilities, Say Rights Groups

    February 7, 2017Press releaseYouth Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  7. ACLU Report Reveals Widespread Racial Harassment in Maine Schools

    October 3, 2017Press releaseYouth Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice
  8. Week In Review: Trump's Executive Orders, The Right to Boycott, and the ACLU of Maine's New School Report

    October 13, 2017News updateImmigrants' Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Racial Justice, Youth Rights