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  1. Criminal Justice Inc.

    July 1, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  2. The Hobby Lobby Decision Disregards Low-Income Families

    July 2, 2014News updateReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  3. Maine leads the way on privacy.

    July 7, 2014News updatePrivacy
  4. While New England Governors Call for More Drug Treatment, LePage is a No-Show

    July 8, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  5. Bill Would Override Hobby Lobby Decision

    July 9, 2014News updateReligious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  6. ACLU Regretfully Ends Support for ENDA

    July 14, 2014News updateLGBTQ Rights
  7. Mass Incarceration of the Elderly

    July 15, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform
  8. Good News for Pregnant Workers

    July 16, 2014News updateWomen's Rights
  9. This Week In Civil Liberties: Criminal Justice and Voting Rights

    July 18, 2014News updateCriminal Legal Reform, Voting Rights
  10. Executive Order Won't Allow Religion as Excuse to Discriminate

    July 21, 2014News updateLGBTQ Rights, Religious Liberty