Internet service providers (ISPs) have access to some of our most personal information like every website you visit, the times you log into and out of your accounts, and even some location data. Taken together, this data could paint an intimate picture of a person’s religion, medical conditions, and even their hobbies. And, because the federal government has failed to put privacy protections in place, ISPs can sell our private information to third parties, like advertisers, without our permission.

The personal information ISPs collect and share is increasingly being used by advertisers to discriminate against certain communities. Advertisers and data brokers are increasingly using data to decide what prices to advertise to someone, the content they should steer them to, and even the types of loans to offer them.

LD 946 will reverse some of the damage done by the loss of privacy protections at the federal level by requiring ISPs that do business in Maine to get our permission before selling our private information to the highest bidder.

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Senator Shenna Bellows


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