Note: LD 1585 advanced out of committee with unanimous and bipartisan support. It faces votes in the House and Senate.

Face surveillance technology poses unprecedented threats to civil rights, civil liberties, and open, democratic society. Instead of accepting that the technology will determine the boundaries of our rights, we must chart an intentional course into the 21st century, maintaining democratic control over our society, emerging technologies and our lives.

LD 1585 would create a statewide ban on public officials and public employees' use of facial recognition technolgy, with limited exceptions.


Rep. Grayson Lookner



Bill number

LD 1585



1. Testimony



The ACLU of Maine offered testimony supporting LD 1585 on May 12, 2021. It read, in part:

"Face surveillance is the final frontier of government tracking, enabling officials to track you not through a cell phone (which you can leave at home), but through your face—an immutable, physical characteristic you carry with you everywhere, and cannot easily hide. To maintain democratic control over the future of civic life in Maine, and to protect the rights of the most marginalized and oppressed, we urge you to support this crucial measure."

Read the entire testimony here.

The ACLU of Massachusetts' Technology for Liberty Program Director, Kade Crockford, also testified in support. Read the testimony here.

2. Press