Laura Greenwood

Name: Laura Greenwood
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Year of Participation: Summer 2020 Law Fellow

What was the most valuable thing you learned or accomplished in the program?
The most valuable thing I learned working for the ACLU is that there is a wonderful network of attorneys and advocates fighting every day for justice and progress in the State of Maine. I was so inspired by the equanimity and unrelenting energy of this team during such a pivotal summer for civil rights advocacy. I feel most accomplished knowing I was able to contribute to the ACLU's mission and support my community along the way.

What have you done since being involved in the ACLU program? 
Since my summer internship, I returned to the University of Maine School of Law for my final year of law school.

What are your plans for the future?
Upon graduation from law school, I will be clerking for Judge Laurel Siddoway of the Washington Court of Appeals, Division III in Spokane, Washington. After my clerkship, I will pursue a career as a public defender and advocate for greater restorative justice in our criminal legal system.