Contrary to what this op-ed - published last week in the Portland Press Herald - argues, there is no question our criminal fine system has a disproportionate impact on the poor.


On Monday, RH Reality Check published the first article in their “Women, Incarcerated” series. This first article focuses on one former prisoner’s experience with a high-risk pregnancy, forced induced labor, and shackling, all while in prison.


This week RH Reality, a daily publication providing news, commentary, and analysis on reproductive health and reproductive justice issues, began a series titled Women, Incarcerated an on-going investigation into the abuses women face in prisons and jails across the country. The series is a great reminder of why, in order to end mass incarceration and build a more humane prison system, criminal justice advocates must address women in our justice system. 

The police carry guns, and we carry cellphones. Today, we settled a case against a Portland police officer, who arrested our clients after they attempted to peacefully record and observe police activity on a Portland public street.


I was excited to see HBO’s John Oliver dedicate the majority of the latest episode of Last Week Tonight to the issue of fines.


The ACLU of Maine released the following response to the governor’s budget proposal that would increase funding for a law enforcement response to Maine’s drug crisis, without increasing funding for treatment and prevention.

The following can be attributed to Alison Beyea, executive director of the ACLU of Maine:


When should we disrupt authority and when should we not? That was the question posed by the Maine Humanities Council last week for an event they hosted here in Portland. As a panelist I shared the ACLU’s perspective, which is centered primarily on governmental authority and particularly the instances where the government overreaches that authority and must be reined in.


The biennial budget proposed by Maine Gov. Paul LePage has drawn plenty of notice this session, but one troubling aspect of it has escaped the attention of most and is particularly relevant this Sunshine Week.

Head on over to the New England First Amendment Coalition to read my entire post on the troubling proposal to exempt the Department of Health and Human Services from public scrutiny.


RH Reality, a daily publication providing news, commentary, and analysis on reproductive health and reproductive justice issues, just published a podcast that tackles the explosion of the so-called religious freedom bills that have been popping up all over the country. This podcast might be of particular interest to those of us here in Maine because, during this legislation session, we’re facing with a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) of our own.


Yesterday, the New York Times Editorial Board wrote an excellent piece on capital punishment, asserting that any state with the death penalty has a system “warped with injustice and absurdity.”


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