Ever wonder exactly how your cell phone can be used against you?

Check out the new ACLU video on location tracking, which envisions the ways law enforcement will be able to use your data in the absence of privacy protections.


New Hampshire  senate just passed a bill that would create a 25-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. SB 319 passed 15 to 9, despite the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3 to 2 to reject the bill. The bill had strong bipartisan support in the senate; this most likely contributed to the bill’s passage. The bill is now headed to to the house for a vote.


The ACLU of Maine is urging the Health and Human Service Committee to pass LD 1686, "An Act To Address Preventable Deaths from Drug Overdose" a bill that will greatly increase access to Naloxone, a drug used to prevent deaths in the case of an opioid overdose. The committee is scheduled to have a work session on the bill Monday, February 24th at 1:00pm.

Each Friday, we’ll bring you updates on the latest civil liberties news from Maine and the nation.


Rand Paul Takes Action Against the N.S.A.

What does the Fourth Amendment mean in 2014? The question of constitutional surveillance is important, and increasingly so, with the proliferation of technology in everyday life and the escalation of threats to our security. Privacy remains a core constitutional protection, one which must not be balked at in the name of security.


The City of Portland should not be in the business of telling people where they can and cannot exercise their constitutional rights, and it should certainly not be banning speech in an area that has traditionally been used as a forum for public dialogue.


Abortion rates are dropping. According to an extensive report published by the Guttmacher Institute, the US abortion rate has reached its lowest level since the implementation of Roe v. Wade in 1973. The charted numbers reflect a slow increase until 1982, and then a fairly steady decline. Abortion rates declined 13% between 2008 and 2011, alone. While this information may come as good news to people on both sides of the choice debate, the decreasing numbers lead to some crucial questions.


February 11th is a big day in mass surveillance. No, the government isn’t debuting round-the-clock aerial surveillance – although that could be coming soon. Rather, Tuesday is a big day because it’s a chance for us all to fight back against the idea that we should be watched and spied upon by our own government for no reason.


Each Friday, we’ll bring you updates on the latest civil liberties news from Maine and the nation.

Freedom of Religion


Researchers Dr. Gretchen Sisson and Dr. Katrina Kimport of Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) recently presented a study in which they identified and traced abortion-related story lines in American film and television since 1916. They found 310 pregnancy decision related story lines.


In last night's State of the State address, Gov. LePage rightly addressed the growth of opiate abuse in Maine. There is no doubt that rapidly increasing heroin use is cause for concern and action. However, the governor's assertion that the answer should come in the form of more Drug Enforcement Agency agents, drug prosecutors and drug court judges is not the answer.


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